The Art of Handmade

We like to be a bit different at The Original Murse Co. but one thing always remains the same, and that is the pursuit for a quality end product.    In a business world increasingly driven by stretched KPIs and larger sales volumes it is often hard not to fall into the trap of compromising the integrity of the very thing the creator first became passionate about.   Maintaining a high standard of workmanship in our products is simply a non-negotiable part of our business and it starts with focusing on limited runs of product each meticulously hand made by expert craftsman.

Sourcing an experienced craftsman is easier said than done nowadays as the art of making custom leather products by hand seemingly becomes lost to history.  So whenever we hear of people or businesses doing similar things to us we are always eager to learn more about them and share our knowledge.  One such company we came across is ‘Wexman Trading” – based in Chicago USA -  a boutique company who ply their trade using a dedication to traditional techniques and embrace those same attributes of craftsmanship and quality.   These guys are undeniably passionate about leather.   After contacting one of the owners of Wexman they were happy for us to mention them in our blog.  One excerpt taken from their website we particularly like states:

Americans have had a love affair with leather from the Revolution to the taming of the West. The story of leather parallels the greater narrative, from conflicts to the depression, from the roaring twenties to the pleasant post-war 50′s. To us at Wexman Trading, leather is  the perfect medium for us. Before the turn of the century, every town had a leather smith. During the early part of the 20th century, leather went from a craft, to a full scale industry like everything else. While this allowed for more people to have less expensive, more widely available products, the quality suffered tremendously. For the most part, handmade leather goods disappeared…”

It may sound a bit cliche the old adage of “quality over quantity” but it is a notion as real today as it has ever been.  So thanks Wexman for your inspiring story and let’s celebrate the Art of Handmade in New Zealand.

Murse is Canvas Magazines No.1 pick for Christmas

Are you short for ideas on what to get a “Man” for Christmas?

Don’t stress! we’ve got you sorted with the help of Canvas Magazines Christmas Gift Guide, and guess what there number 1 pick for a mans Christmas present is… you got it, the Murse Smartphone Wallet.

Here is the full list;
1. The Murse Deniro, $89 from The Original Murse Co.
2. Toy 2 Fly Watch, $499 from Superette
3. Hennessy Very Special cognac gift pack, $59.99 from Glengarry
4. Night Rider matte texture hair paste, $48 from Kevin Murphy
5. Sabon Oskar Satchel, $320 from Redcurrent
6. Malin + Goetz Dark Rum Candle, $102 from Mecca Cosmetica
7. Leather iPad sleeve, $149 from Rodd and Gunn
8. Nomad shave soap, $59 from Crabtree & Evelyn
9. Aeroplane cufflinks, $60 from 3 Wise Men
10. Apollo Summit 10, $374.99 from Bike Barn
11. Bowers & Wilkins P3 fordable headphones, $395 from Totally Wired
12. Triumph and Disaster stash box, $165 from Man Cave
13. Z2300 instant digital camera, $329.95 from Polaroid
14. Versace Eros 50ml eau de toilette, $99 from selected department stores and pharmacies
15. Gamin Approach S3 GPS golf watch, $493.35 from Trig Instruments
16. Radio and MP3, $54.95 from Typo
17. The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You, $27.99 from I Want That
18. Boombox V2 portable speaker, $39.99 from The Warehouse

Style Murse – Check us out in M2 Magazine!

Designed in response to the wave of smart technology and a necessity to adapt with compact aesthetics, the Original Murse Company has created a premium leather range whose innovation for guys has incorporated functional cases that scream craftsmanship and portability.

Handmade in New Zealand with attention given to traditional methods and expert techniques the sleeves are leather suede lined with your precious device well protected and securely fit into place. These fashion accessories for iPads, smartphones or laptops are the beaming result of two Hawkes Bay guys having a couple of quiets and realising a gap in the style market for devices. Their labour of love saw the chance to create something between a quality man bag and a wallet.

Hence the Murse Wallet has evolved and are available now to any 21st century guy with an expectation for quality and who has a sense of fun.

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Neo’s Matrix Phone!

It could be the understatement of the century to propose that the evolution in smartphone technology has irreversibly changed the way people now live their lives in contemporary society.

The Smartphones of today are more than a sophisticated means of communication; they go straight to the heart of our social being and feed that insatiable appetite we have for personal exposure on that ever-growing phenomenon called “social media”.

We certainly have come a long way since Nokia released the first Internet enabled mobile phone in 1999, the proud owners of which no doubt still recall the remarks made with an envious tone “wow look they have Neo’s phone from the Matrix”!

This “smart” evolution extends no only to mobile phones but to the plethora of electronic devices like laptops, ipods and tablets invading the market place on the quest of smaller, slimmer and yes smarter.

In the same way technology has changed, so to must the fashion / accessory market whose duty it is to keep pace with constant change.   More and more people want their devices on their person at all times – posting that Tweet or snapping that Instagram is all about opportunity.  And so it is the job of designers to create the accessories that best suit these devices, striving for functionality yet not compromising that all too important aspect of style.

At the Original Murse Co we make it our mission to ensure you will have a practical solution to house your valued electronic device. *We can’t however promise that envious comments will not be made ha*

Introducing the Murse “De Niro”

Introducing the Murse “De Niro”. Rough but beautiful the De Niro brings a unique raw aesthetic. Hand made in New Zealand using premium leather.

While of similar pedigree to the Brando, the De Niro – brings its own raw aesthetic as portrayed by namesake Robert or “Bobby” (born 1943) the actor notable for his volatility in movies such as Mean Streets (1973) & Taxi driver (1976) and of course who could forget his role as a young Vito Corleone in The Godfather Part II, for which he won an Oscar. Certain combinations just work well (look no further than De Niro and his collaborations with director Martin Scorsese) and the same ethos applies to fashion accessories.

Get yourself one.


Fancy a Murse? Check out our article in Indulge Magazine

The male purse, once subject to mockery and criticism is fast becoming the “it” item for men seeking to combine practicality with style.

Just ask the founders of Hawke’s Bay company, The Original Murse Co., whose innovative hold-all wallets are making a splash as the new must-have accessory.

Entrepreneurs Adam Harris and Daniel Clausen saw a gap in the market and went about researching leather types and perfecting a design to fill it. Just 12 months later the idea is a reality, and their sleek new product can be found protruding from the pockets of blokes everywhere. Murse fans are varied and include Shortland Street actor Cameron Jones and New Zealand cricketer Mathew Sinclair.

“We wanted people to have a laugh, that’s why we called it the Murse – it’s something you can make light of,” Adam says. “Early on we had friends who said, ‘I’m never going to carry one of those’, but they see how practical it is and they want one.”

With the help of an expert leather craftsman and feedback from potential customers on social media, prototypes were developed in different textures and shades.

“We were able to find a guy locally who had been working with leather for over 30 years, he’s all about quality. We started talking to him about it and refining the product until we were happy, but it’s early days, we are always making adjustments.”

Have you audited your wallet?

Everyday consumer brands bombard us with catch-phrases and quirky one-liner themes that are meant to endear us to their particular product through association.  Some corporates spend vast sums of money to create concepts that seriously have little or no substance to the product concerned.

At the Original Murse Co, we like to be real about what a brand represents. By using the phrase “Simplify your life”, we mean exactly that.  let’s be completely honest, guys are as guilty as girls in terms of making their wallets a chunky repository for collecting all manner of receipts, coupons, loyalty cards, credit cards and the list goes on!

An audit of your current wallet’s status may surprise you as to how much stuff is in there, and how much is really that important.  The slim design of the Murse Wallet encourages its owner to de-clutter and carry just the essentials on their person – a liberating move that in time, and with a little discipline, will not be regretted.

Plus there is always the girlfriend’s purse as backup…


Constant search for avant-garde

Whaaoo someone had better put a leash on that Murse!!

We like to have fun at The Original Murse Co; and while coming up with new concept designs can be challenging the upside is that it usually keep us very entertained.

A visit to a local tannery in Napier recently gave us some fresh ideas and got us thinking once again. The factory was awash with sheep, deer and calf hides, with most of these fur hides destined for the rug market. Clearly we couldn’t leave the factory without acquiring some calf and deer samples, and seeing what the results would be like once fashioned into some fur murse prototypes. The result is very exciting and provides you with the perfect accessory for your next red carpet event!

Pop into “Guilty as Sin” 29 Hastings Street, Napier if you want to check out a luxurious new fur murse.

Daniel Clausen (Director, The Original Murse Co.)




Grandad’s Murse

Celebrate the past….
Rummaging through some old keepsakes at home I came across this little gem – my grandfathers wallet. Handed down to my dad after WWII and then onto me, I had almost forgotten about its existence.

What I love about this wallet – apart from the obvious sentimental value to the family which I cherish – is the exquisite detail and quality of craftsmanship. You will note the outer seams are not stitched but intricately woven in leather and my grandfathers initials are embossed in gold in the lower right corner, which was not uncommon during the War era. What I also like about it is that it was an item built to last; it is in seemingly remarkable condition despite its use over the decades – It could surely tell a tale or two.

We can learn a lot from the past, even become inspired again!

Daniel Clausen (Director, The Original Murse Co.)