The historiography of the male wallet is fascinating and has its origins dating back to the European Renaissance where it was described as a small bag or sack used to carry various items on the person. The circulation of coins and other precious metals through the 1500s made them even more ubiquitous, particularly on the mobile gentleman.

The Spanish, always susceptible to being a little different of course, were also known to carry around a small leather pouch to keep their smoking apparatus handy at all times.

It wasn’t until the mid 20th century and the proliferation of post war consumerism that the modern bi-fold wallet became the norm in society – small enough to fit in the back pocket when folded, the bi-fold revolutionised male accessories, and became the most convenient way to carry not only paper notes and coins, but also small documents, drivers licenses and later credit cards.

Move forward to the 21st century and the rise of the smartphone technology and the discerning modern man awaits the next stage of the evolution or as we see it “de-evolution”.

With the Murse Wallet our designers have in a sense coaxed some of those old characteristics back to their former prominence; a move back to a simple palm-sized case and less focus on multiple slots for archiving all manner of cards, coupons & other paraphernalia; and more focus on style.